Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

Hiking the Grand Canyon

As we all know, there are thousands of hiking trails in the United States. Some may say that the best hiking trails in the country are located at the Grand Canyon. Weaving trails, quaint little shops along the way, and all of the beauty that the rim has to offer is like no other experience that you will have. There is a reason, after all that the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

From the red sunsets and the brightest stars that you can imagine, the Grand Canyon offers true peace and breathtaking beauty. I highly recommended the many hiking trails that the Grand Canyon has to offer, it is amazing how much more you can see when you are down hiking the Grand Canyon.

Some of the best hiking trails surround the Grand Canyon. These trails are limitless and can stretch the whole length of the Canyon, crossing rivers and streams along the way and passing over many foot bridges. The longest hiking trail that the Grand Canyon offers is 45 miles long and takes about 7 days to complete. With some of the best views of the Colorado River and some of the best desert oasis that will Ever be seen by the human eye, this trip is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Another hiking trail that the Grand Canyon offers that may be a little more realistic for the average traveler is the South Kaibab Trail that is six miles long and takes about 5-7 hours to complete. South Kaibab hiking trail is the only hiking trail in the Grand Canyon that was built by the National Park Service.

The Hermit Hiking Trail at the Grand Canyon is called The Hermit because it is less crowded and was Created for people who are looking for a more peaceful hiking experience but still want to experience the beauty and the views that the Grand Canyon has to offer. Like the South Kaibab it takes about five to seven hours to complete and spans about 7 miles. This is one of the less difficult hikes that the Grand Canyon has to offer and is mostly recommended for families.

The Grand view Trail offers the absolute best views that the Grand Canyon hiking trail system has to offer. This is a hand-built cobblestone trail and is said to be one of the oldest trails offered at the Grand Canyon, this hiking trail descends into Horseshoe Mesa which will offer the very best views of the complete canyon. It is said that you can see over 50 miles from this point.

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Several different companies offer guided tours of the hiking trails that the Grand Canyon offers. Please keep in mind, not all of these trails are for the faint of heart and most can be quite difficult. Many places also offer guided Mule trips down the hiking trails which might work better for families with children or groups with large packs.Follow this latest news for more updates.

No matter what hiking trail you chose to journey down, the Grand Canyon is always sure to impress any nature lover. Stop, enjoy the dozens of hiking trails and breathe in the fresh, clean air that the Grand Canyon has to offer.

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